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Set of four Garden Chairs, Thonet Brothers, Austria 1st Third 20th Century

SKU: 325-0033e


Height: 86.0 cm | 33.86 in. Width: 45.0 cm | 17.72 in. Depth: 49.0 cm | 19.29 in.

White painted lawn chairs with steel rails and wooden slats by Thonet brothers. These are early models. The series of garden furniture in steel rail construction is illustrated in the catalog of 1886. Provenance: Private property of Victor & Martha Thonet, who lived in Schloss Lehenhof near Scheibbs in Austria from 1925 to 1939. The furniture can be seen in the background of the photo "Victor & Martha Thonet in front of Lehenhof around 1935". Source: Victor & Martha Thonet Archive, Vienna 2016.

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